Personalized Programming

Our training is often personalized, to give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace with a mentor’s guidance. We can offer you the flexibility of having training sessions in the day or evening. We can also give you opportunity to study via online training at home. Enrollments are ongoing.

Some other courses are offered habitually at specific times and dates with trainer who guides learning environment.

Criteria for Eligibility into Free Adult Education Programs (Employment Ontario program):

  • Resident in Ontario
  • 19 years of age or older
  • Able to speak in French
  • Has a desire to improve their reading, writing, mathematics or computer skills

Programming for Adult Education

  • Oral communication (understanding, pronunciation, interpretation, research)
  • Writing communication (grammar, presentation, expression, reference tools)
  • Mathematics (calculations, measurements, time management, money management, taxes)
  • Computers (terminology, Microsoft office, tablets, Windows and Apple products, Google suite, internet communication tools,)
  • Support for Secondary and Post-Secondary Education

French as a second language "$"

  • Conversational French
  • Beginner and Novice level French
  • Preparation for the DELF exam (French language study diploma)

Workshops "$"

  • First Aid
  • Workshop for employees: learn the French terminology specific to your duties
  • Workshop for employees: “The Value of Tablets in the Workplace”